What types of surfaces can be repaired and how much?

As long as the journals are not out of round over 1/1000 we can resurface the complete roller or cylinder. We can repair chrome, nickel, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, and tungsten carbide. 

We are happy to give you a no obligation quote and if we can't repair we will let you know. We warentee our work for the life of the press.

Got damage on the edge Advanced Cylinder Repair can fix onsite on the press

Edgework can be tricky but not for ACR's technicians. They can fix your nicks at the gap and lead edge so you never knew it was there. Call 866-5440-8490 for a quote.

Fixing press yourself can be costly

Attached you will find a picture of a press that a company tried to fix themself as a shortterm repair. In order to get the JB Weld to hold the person had to drill more holes making the problem much bigger. So a two day repair turned into a four day repair, costing the company more in the long run. See

ACR Fixes Roller for Printer in Cleveland

ACR recently fixed two rollers that were damaged on a Heidelberg press
in Cleveland, OH.

The customer need them fixed urgently to finish a production run.

We were on site in less than 24 hours and had the machines fixed
with less than 48 hours of down time.

If you need need printing press cylinder repairs, please contact
ACR at 866-540-8490.

Rusted Cylinder on-site repair

ACR is currently grinding and spraying 4 cylinders that became
rusted for a commercial printer in Illinois on a Heidelberg 102 press.

We will be repairing unit 2 and unit 6 plate cylinders.  First, we will
grind down to virgin metal to eliminate existing corrosion damage.

Then, we will spray them with a nickel bond coat, followed by a
stainless steel top layer.

The cylinders will then be finish grind back to the dimensions
by the press.

If you need printer press cylinder repair, contact
ACR at 866-540-8490.